About My Work

Fighting Information Overload

The Information Age has spilled over with a frothy mix of clutter and noise! People are exhausted and want simplicity, especially on the web, where users don’t like to spend much time figuring anything out. That’s why I don’t make users think! I build websites that are clear, compelling, and self-explanitory; Sites that have an appropriate Information Architecture and a satisfying User Experience.

Pushing WordPress Beyond the Blog

WordPress is a no-brainer for building a blog, but oh, it’s so much more! I use it to power all my websites, because it can do pretty much anything in the right hands. I love it for its client-friendly user interface, generous developer community, and powerful classification system. To get the most out of WordPress, you gotta know how to turn on its most powerful features – features hidden beneath the hood. That’s where I spend most of my time.

Always Learning New Web Technologies

Mobile Web Design. Accessibility Requirements. User Experience Testing. Social Media Integration. Search Engine Optimization. These are some of the key tools and techniques needed for modern websites to thrive. I’m always updating my own work habits to actively incorporate this sort of stuff. Folks say I have a knack for explaining it to those outside my industry, but I like teaching people within my own industry too.

Living the Good Life!

There’s more to life than the wonders of the digital universe! I stay grounded in the earthy and the analogue by being a:

  • Craft Beer connoisseur
  • Cheese maker
  • Aspiring hobby farmer
  • Vinyl record collector
  • World traveler
  • Prairie homeboy
  • Vivid dreamer
  • Lover of cats


“James is a highly effective person, able to work independently and on a timely basis. He has strong business skills coupled with superb creative skills. He would be a very good fit with many organizations, but especially those who value individual contributions and out-of-the box thinking, and aim to deliver the best value to clients.”

-Bruce C. Anderson, Director, Centre for Management Development

“All the design work was done to our complete satisfaction. James followed through with his commitments and got the job done in a timely manner. We have received many comments about the billboards, flyers, posters, signs, and everything else James has designed.”

-Adam Hicks, Chairperson, Regina Extreme Home Makeover

“The elegant postcard card James designed for The Cook’s Place was a new look, but consistent with how we always try to represent our company. He absorbed the various bits and pieces of information given to him and created an important piece of advertising.”

-Barbara Ackerman, Owner, The Cook’s Place

“James provided an outstanding and consistent visual brand identity. He had a strong understanding of the strategic requirements of the project, was creative, professional, prompt, and an incredible asset as a designer. ”

-Dr. Lisa Watson, Marketing Professor, University of Regina